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Poon Choi: Sea Cucumber and Cancer Prevention Potential?

“Poon Choi” (pot of goodness) is a Chinese New Year dish filled with layers of seafood delicacy, such as abalone ?, sea cucumber ?, giant sea prawns ?, and dried scallops ? + shiitake mushrooms, vegetables.

Poon Choi was invented during the Song Dynasty, in Walled Village, Hong Kong. The Walled Village residents focus on eating hearty dishes and fresh food in season.

Kay Hing Wai- photo source:
Kay Hing Wai- photo source:

Sea cucumber and Abalone are my favorite seafood. According to Memorial Slogan Kettering Cancer Center, “In vitro studies have shown that the saponins and fatty acids present in sea cucumber are responsible for its anti-angiogenic, anti-tumor, antiproliferative, and antiviral properties”.

Another study published in Plos One indicated that an organic compound in sea cucumber may be able to inhibit angiogenesis!

More studies are needed to support claims of sea cucumber and cancer prevention. However, no adverse effects have been linked from its use (unless you have seafood allergy). Leap into the year of Monkey and prosperity with Poon Choi! Enjoy!